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Investment Advisory Services

Arthur Fixed has a history of making extraordinary profits in financial markets. His three most successful speculations were:

  1. Shorting the USA stock market during the 1987 crash
  2. Being long on real estate from 1994 to 2007
  3. Shorting the Internet bubble in 2001

A new opportunity may now dramatically outdo these successes. Like all opportunities, it is based on the understanding that economic law is as binding as the law of gravity. When markets are distorted, economic law remains unchanged; only the results differ. These different results create opportunities to profit. The best time to benefit from this new opportunity will be the third quarter of the current year, 2015. Results are 100% predictable in the long run; only the timing presents a serious challenge. There are several ways to play this fourth opportunity just as there were in the first three. These include options on highly leveraged positions with a possible 1,000% profit in less than a year and a conservative protection of principal approach.

The following material is only one example of how to participate in the upcoming business and investment opportunity. There are many other ways to participle.

Investment Advisory Services

Entrepreneur Trust Company (Uzņēmēju trasta kompānija) offers investment advisory services for prudent speculators. They hold assets under management valued at approximately 10 million EUR with registered capital of 5 million EUR including Hotel Club 1934, Residence Kurzeme resort and Club Baltica. Thier management has more than 35 years’ experience in banking and successful short selling; they were short the 1987 USA stock market crash and the internet and real estate bubbles and organized bear raids in-between. This advisory services offer an extraordinary opportunity to collect the highest market profits available today.

Speculations carried out in 2012 showed returns ranging from 45 to 330%. After an unprofitable call in 2013 when the market turned, we have not been active, but we expect to re-enter the market within the next three months. We will advise when this happens. Calls will be bullishly long and we expect profits in excess of 100%. Previous results were achieved using highly speculative stock options. A non-speculative, balanced investment approach would, we expect, lead to returns in the range of 25% per year. It is up to the client to determine how to use our advice. Past returns are no guarantee of future results.

They offer prudent speculators the following two plans:

Gold Plan

They advise you regarding what to buy, when to buy and when to sell.
The price is 5,000 EUR per year or 500 EUR per month.

Platinum Plan

They advise you regarding what to buy, when to buy and when to sell.

The price is 25% of the profits exceeding 15% per annum on invested capital, payable quarterly at the end of each calendar quarter. Payment of all closed positions shall be made within 5 business days after the position is closed according to our advice. The first down payment is 500 EUR.

In each plan we provide specific instructions regarding when and what to buy and when to sell. You give instructions to your bank or broker for your account to do the trades as indicated by our advice. We do not hold custody of client accounts, money or securities. We do not provide management control or trading services. All funds and securities remain under your control at your bank or security broker.

In giving financial advice, they apply the principles of free market economics analysis advanced by the Austrian school of economics; see: Mises Institute USA and Mises Institute Latvia. In evaluating specific opportunities for speculative profits, we use the formulations presented in ”The Art of Speculation During Civil War” by Arthur Fixed, available through Kindle Publishing on Amazon.

In addition to providing investment advice, they are available for financial consultations and introductions to qualified custodians and traders. A full audit report is available upon request to qualified clients. Advice given through this program is intended for portfolios valued at 100,000 EUR or more.

The Art of Speculation during Civil War
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