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Turned a Corner on the Currency Markets

It has become more evident over the past few weeks that we have finally turned a corner on the currency markets. 2015 was dominated by a very strong USD, which all of us getting paid in USD, were delighted for its advantage while travelling overseas. Now, that the USD looks as if it is taking […]

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Fear Fades and Coffee Rally Helped by the FX

China signaled it does not have interest to make the Yuan weaker and the FED on its minutes from the last meeting acknowledged that the recently turmoil of the financial markets will be taken in consideration on its decision of further interest rate hikes. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar shared their thoughts of keeping […]

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Triggers for upheaval

2016 has been the worst start to a year on record for global equities. The triggers for this upheaval are familiar: China, oil, rising US interest rates and their combined impact on global growth. These factors affected markets at different times last year but they all hit at once in January. This led to panic […]

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S&P 500 Futures - Mar 16 - Option Queen Valentine Newsletter

Option Queen Valentine Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s headline “Trump, Sanders are they killing the market?” Seriously… on the front page of Barron’s magazine? Let’s get real people… No, they are not killing the markets. What we are witnessing right now are the effects of intermarket relationships at play. A strong US Dollar is a great thing during a […]

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Trading on Fund’s Position Changes

US job creation in January was below expected but still above the 150K mark that most economists say to be enough to keep the unemployment rate low. The increase on average hourly gains was read as a signal that the FOMC might eventually consider tightening on its March meeting as inflation shall not ease. At […]

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S&P 500 Futures - Option Queen Gold

Option Queen Newsletter

The good news regarding last week’s action in the market is it felt a lot worse than it actually looks on a chart. Now, we aren’t saying that it was a pleasant decline, but this was a decline inside a trading range. With that said, we must alert you to the fact that the Bollinger […]

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Carry-Trade on More Liquidity

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) took interest rates to negative territory fulfilling its “promises” from Davos on further monetary easing (liquidity). On last week FOMC’s statement the committee acknowledged the financial market turmoil saying it would assess how it would impact its dual-mandate. Today the vice-chairman commented that the turbulence will be factored on March’s […]

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