Tracking for commodity traders

Tracking for Commodity Traders

Whether you go to Wall St, the Chicago Merc, or any online commodities forum, all commodity traders will tell you the same thing: the apps designed to track them are poorly designed, difficult to use, and don’t offer nearly enough features.

Now available for iOS, Materials is a new commodities app set out to re-imagine commodity tracking from the ground up. Materials is purposefully designed to make commodity tracking more intuitive, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing than any other commodities app available on the market.

“I have always enjoyed tracking commodities, to the point where it became more of a passion than a hobby,” said Chris Loar, founder and CEO of D&T Group, the company that developed the Materials app. “I wanted a commodity tracker that was three things: simple, beautiful, and most importantly, smart. The ability to set custom alerts on a specific commodity makes tracking this information simple and smart, and the interface makes it the best looking commodities app period.”

Commodities don’t just change every day; they change every moment. Materials helps keep you on top of the market at all times by providing you with the data, insight, and tools necessary to help traders make more informed trading decisions and generate the greatest returns on their portfolios. Materials gives commodity trackers a host of features that no other commodities app offers, allowing them to track their favourite commodities entirely on their own terms. Users of Materials are able to tailor their experience by creating custom price alerts based on opening price, closing price, and intra-day price fluctuations.

In addition to virtually instant price information, Materials also delivers the latest commodity specific news, updates, and more to the palm of your hand. More than that, Materials is the only commodities app that offers the ability to receive instant push notifications—ensuring you’re the first to know about important commodity price changes and alerts. Materials also includes an Apple Watch app, making it easier to see snapshots of current day prices and other relevant information.

Materials requires no email, phone number, signup, or subscription of any kind. Simply download the app from the App Store, then get started for instant and easy access to the entire commodities market. Materials is the most extensive commodities app of its kind and is quickly becoming the definitive app choice for traders to track their commodities. It is a one-stop commodities tracking app, making it possible for commodity traders and enthusiasts to, as Loar says, “Put commodities at your command.”

Materials is now available for iOS at the App Store. For more information about the Materials app, visit


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