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Federal Reserve rate hike

To hike or not to hike, that is the Question

The day after tomorrow, Wednesday September 21st, the FOMC finishes its meeting and market participants see only a 20% chance of a hike to happen, according to Bloomberg. Several analysts share the opinion that a move before the US-presidential elections will not happen and the bets for a December increase of interest rates are fairly […]

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Risky Assets

Big Swings of Risky Assets

In the past two weeks macro developments provoked big swings of risky assets and in the foreign exchange markets due to uncertainties around central banks’ stance in front of mixed data. In the US the non-farm payroll number of May and the revised figure of April took the Dollar Index to early levels of May, […]

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Triggers for upheaval

2016 has been the worst start to a year on record for global equities. The triggers for this upheaval are familiar: China, oil, rising US interest rates and their combined impact on global growth. These factors affected markets at different times last year but they all hit at once in January. This led to panic […]

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S&P 500 Futures - Mar 16 - Option Queen Newsletter

Option Queen Newsletter

Some of the wild action seen in the Friday session was due to option’s expiration and some of it was just pre-holiday adjustments. We knew the retreat was coming; we were lucky enough to have figured that out for this newsletter. What we don’t know is how long this retreat will last. A lot depends […]

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Restaurant red beans coffee in China

Fear of slower growth in China

Weekly Coffee Perspective – Jan 11th to 15th of 2016 – Week 2 – China The markets are having a serious indigestion after the end year meals. In China the PBOC setting the Yuan range lower several days drove most risky-assets lower not only on expectations of further devaluations but also as a signal that […]

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US SPX 500 Futures (Daily) for August 3, 2014

Option Queen Letter

Chairwoman Yellen would like to see the average wage earner receive a benefit from the FOMCs accommodative stance. Very nice, and we would love to see that as well, however; zero interest rates feeds not the average wage earner but rather the upper income earner, corporations and banks. Where does the average wage earner stand? […]

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Gold Futures chart

For the Ladies – Gold and Cotton

The women I know love clothes and gold and I think both at least at the wholesale level will be going on sale in the very near future. Cotton prices have been dancing the up-sloping trend line for the past 6 months as seen on the chart below. Current prices have July futures higher by […]

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How Accounting Skills Can Help You Make Sense Of Investments

How Accounting Skills Can Help You Make Sense Of Investments

Companies are ingenious inventions. From humble, functional roots, the company has grown to be one of the most successful legal creations ever, responsible for untold global economic growth and development. The ability to adopt a legal personality distinct from its owners, and later, the concept of limited liability, made companies a lean, legal structure that […]

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US SPX 500 Futures for the Option Queen Letter

The Option Queen Letter

As to the bull market, remember the trend is your friend, that said, keep your stops tight and don’t be afraid to take profits when presented with that opportunity. One of the biggest mistakes investors can make is not taking profits when they are available. Remember, you can always purchase the issue again. Nothing goes […]

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