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DXY and Coffee Futures

DXY, Weather and End of Strike Push Coffee Lower

The European Central Bank left rates and its bond buying program unchanged, saying that it will consider adding stimulus later this year once it has a clear picture of the economic impact from the UK’s vote to leave the EU. Comments released last week from the director of the Bank of Japan (BoJ) saying “there […]

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Coffee Markets

Conies Driving Coffee Markets Higher

The US job market number from April came out below expectations renewing bets that the FED will postpone a rate increase and/or hike less than previously thought. An apparent short-covering of the greenback though has taken the Dollar Index from its lowest level since January 2015, or a rally of 2.4% in four days. Commodity […]

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Brazilian Real

The Brazilian Real Could Break R$ 4.00 Again

Janet Yellen composed her words in a more dovish tone to counterbalance the previous hawkish comments from some FED officials and a new sell off on the US dollar took the currency to a new low on the following sessions. On Friday the nonfarm payroll increased more than expected and the 0.1% higher labor force […]

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coffee-maker - rally

Mixed Signals Could Cap the Rally

Mario Draghi surprised the markets saying that the ECB is done on lowering borrowing costs for now. Initially the reaction on the announced plan of lower rates and to increase the bond purchases making corporate bonds eligible was negative to the Euro, but after Draghi’s speech the currency reversed and had a strong rally of […]

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Black and white cups black pencils - coffee rally

Fear Fades and Coffee Rally Helped by the FX

China signaled it does not have interest to make the Yuan weaker and the FED on its minutes from the last meeting acknowledged that the recently turmoil of the financial markets will be taken in consideration on its decision of further interest rate hikes. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar shared their thoughts of keeping […]

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latte coffee machine liquidity

Carry-Trade on More Liquidity

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) took interest rates to negative territory fulfilling its “promises” from Davos on further monetary easing (liquidity). On last week FOMC’s statement the committee acknowledged the financial market turmoil saying it would assess how it would impact its dual-mandate. Today the vice-chairman commented that the turbulence will be factored on March’s […]

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S&P 500 Futures - Mar 16 - Option Queen meets Confucius

Option Queen meets Confucius

Cu Rua, the ancient special turtle from Hanoi Vietnam, has died. Is this a bad omen for Wall and Broad? Confucius say be cautious! Here in the USA there is talk of a possible “Battle of the Billionaires” this coming November and that’s not from Confucius. The current rumour is that Michael Bloomberg is considering […]

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S&P 500 Futures Overview - option queen

Seasons Greetings from the Option Queen

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This shortened week has been very exciting for the bulls with three of the four days bragging of robust rallies. Even the retreat in the shortened Christmas Eve session was positive for the market insomuch as not much ground was lost. This coming week will be very slow, volume […]

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