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Euro had a great week

EUR/USD: The Euro had a great week. My target of 121.50 was not only hit but… EUR/USD: The Euro had a great week. My target of 121.50 was not only hit but exceeded! Near term however, I do not expect this strength to continue next week. Look for a consolidation at best, we may reverse […]

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Forex: The week ahead.

Forex Currencies: ***All Currency comments are based on Forex numbers.*** Euro: Well final support on the Euro has held so far and we should be on our way back to the mid 120’s by the end of this week. The Dollars key reversal on Thursday of this week is very important. This market was able […]

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FX Currency comments

With the failure of the Dollar to break through resistance that I mentioned in the Metals section above, currencies should now find it easier and easier to rally against the Dollar. Rumors of China revaluing the Yuan again have yet to come true but I do expect this any day now. (more…)

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Weekly currency commentary

This week should be a big week for currencies. Either the Dollar is going to break out above 90.00 or it is going to fail. Either way it will send ripples through the rest of the currencies. Personally I am still a Dollar bear so I expect if to fail. But as always I am […]

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Bear Stearns teams with Charles River to deliver FX trading

US bank Bear Stearns has teamed with Charles River Development to provide money managers with real-time FX trading capabilities via the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol. Charles River says it has developed an FIX-compliant interface for its investment management system (IMS) that will link to Bear Stearns’ Forex trading system. The interface is designed to […]

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China Unveils Major Currencies in Yuan Basket

China steps up the pace of its effort to liberalise its currency regime, by allowing more currency trading and unveiling the composition of the currency basket for yuan. It is allowing more financial institutions and companies to trade foreign currencies in the spot market, introducing renminbi forward contracts and swaps into the onshore interbank market, […]

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