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Livestock Weekly News

The Meat complex has been on a terror recently and if you have been following this report, you have been doing well. Live Cattle broke through resistance at 87.87 last week and continued higher to close the week near the high at 89.12. If you look at a monthly continuous chart you will see that […]

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USDA predicts lower farm income in 2005

Earlier last week, the USDA reported that farm operators were forecast to earn $71.8 billion of net farm income in 2005, following two years of record income of $59.5 billion in 2003 and $82.5 billion in 2004. Income is forecast down in 2005 only because it rose by $23 billion to an unprecedented level in […]

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Report says Cattle and Beef hit hardest

WASHINGTON — Cattle and beef have been the species most dramatically impacted by disease outbreaks and related trade restrictions, concludes a new report from USDA’s Economic Research Service. The report further says 2005 U.S. animal-products trade will reflect expected market responses given the uncertainties surrounding cattle and beef markets in the United States. (more…)

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Canada Cattle Update

The Government of Saskatchewan is dedicating an additional $75 million to its share of the 2004 Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization (CAIS) program. “The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to the province’s agriculture industry, and the needs of our producers are a top priority,” Agriculture and Food Minister Mark Wartman said. “With the increased revenues the […]

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Mad Cow case doesn’t faze beef futures

By Dave Carpenter – The beef futures market reacted calmly Monday to the second case of mad cow disease in the United States, but some investor concern surfaced with a 3 percent decline in the shares of Tyson Foods, the largest U.S. beef packer. On the first day of regular trading since the Department of […]

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Structural Change in the Meat and Poultry Processing

By Michael Ollinger, Sang V. Nguyen, Donald Blayney, Bill Chambers, and Ken Nelson, Economic Research service, USDA – Consolidation and structural changes in the food industry have had profound impacts on firms, employees, and communities in many parts of the United States. This report examines consolidation and structural change in meatpacking, poultry slaughter and processing, […]

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U.S. Farm income could nosedive in ’05

By Daniel Grant – Farmers who enjoyed a highly profitable season last year likely can expect more of a “normal” year in 2005. A baseline projection from the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) — a joint effort between the University of Missouri and Iowa State University — is calling for U.S. net farm […]

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CME E-Livestock Volume Records

On March 9, CME set volume records in the CME E-Livestock complex, driven by record volume in CME E-Live Cattle futures. The CME E-Livestock contracts set a new volume record of 1,844 futures contracts traded. CME E-Live Cattle trades made up of the majority of that activity at 1,674 futures, also a record. Click here […]

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States act to veil livestock-disease tests

By Jon Sarche – When a rumor hit the commodities trading floor in Chicago three years ago that Kansas cattle had contracted foot-and-mouth disease, prices plummeted. A rumor that lasted only a day cost the beef industry an estimated $50 million and forced agriculture officials to spend weeks assuring consumers that the food supply was […]

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Record supplies will depress U.S. exports over 2004

By Hembree Brandon – ARLINGTON, Va. — U.S. agricultural exports are forecast to hit $59 billion in fiscal 2005, down from the $62.3 billion level of 2004, but up $3 billion from USDA’s Nov. 2004 projection. The decline from 2004 is due to record global grain, soybean, and cotton supplies, according to Nora Brooks and […]

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