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Close-up of white computer keyboard - Copy Trading

Social Trading or Copy Trading

As technology progresses, new innovations are seen in all fields including the financial world. You all know the popularity of platforms that enable social networking in various fields. The counterpart of social networking in the financial is called social trading or copy trading. Copy trading facilitates the traders to copy and manage the positions in […]

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Tracking for commodity traders

Tracking for Commodity Traders

Whether you go to Wall St, the Chicago Merc, or any online commodities forum, all commodity traders will tell you the same thing: the apps designed to track them are poorly designed, difficult to use, and don’t offer nearly enough features. Now available for iOS, Materials is a new commodities app set out to re-imagine […]

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Trading commodities

Trading commodities with binary options

There is no lack of options, when it to comes to binary options trading. For this very reason, a lot of people are now looking towards trading in commodities, using binary options. Given the simplicity they offer to the investors, commodity trading is quickly becoming one of the quickest ways of trading in binary options […]

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Trade Commodities

4 Basic Ways to Trade Commodities

Commodities are becoming increasingly popular investment vehicles as investors are gradually realizing how pervasive and potentially profitable commodity trading can be. Commodities like oil, natural gas, gold, wheat, corn and copper are a part of our everyday lives after all and their prices naturally impact us in various ways. So the more predictable the price […]

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best trading strategies

The best trading strategies for trading commodities

Commodities trading requires strong analysis of a number of factors. Traders need to take political, economic, and trade news into account before making decisions. But one person cannot keep up with everything happening at one time. We need smart strategies when it comes to trading commodities in your limited time. These are the best trading […]

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world stocks to use ratio - currency markets

Turned a Corner on the Currency Markets

It has become more evident over the past few weeks that we have finally turned a corner on the currency markets. 2015 was dominated by a very strong USD, which all of us getting paid in USD, were delighted for its advantage while travelling overseas. Now, that the USD looks as if it is taking […]

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S&P 500 Futures - Mar 16 - Option Queen Valentine Newsletter

Option Queen Valentine Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s headline “Trump, Sanders are they killing the market?” Seriously… on the front page of Barron’s magazine? Let’s get real people… No, they are not killing the markets. What we are witnessing right now are the effects of intermarket relationships at play. A strong US Dollar is a great thing during a […]

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S&P 500 Futures - Option Queen Gold

Option Queen Newsletter

The good news regarding last week’s action in the market is it felt a lot worse than it actually looks on a chart. Now, we aren’t saying that it was a pleasant decline, but this was a decline inside a trading range. With that said, we must alert you to the fact that the Bollinger […]

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S&P 500 Futures

Option Queen Letter and S&P 500 Futures

Although the Chinese markets, Saudi turmoil and North Korean nuclear test have been given credit for last week’s market retreat, there are other factors that are being ignored. We have been warning that a strong US Dollar will have a deflationary effect on the US economy and somewhat negative effects on the middle income earners, […]

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S&P 500 Futures - Dec 15 - option queen letter

Option Queen Letter

It is official, Christmas will arrive on December 25, so gear up for the shopping bonanza. This year Christmas is a Friday giving the retailers a few extra days for returns and additional shopping. The recent violence in the world has scared many visitors and shoppers away from crowded areas. We were in NYC yesterday […]

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