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April 26, 2010 T-bond

Treasuries consolidate ahead of FOMC

As is often the case, it appears as though traders spent the day squaring positions ahead of the FOMC meeting. The Fed will meet tomorrow but we won’t hear the results of the interest rate decision until Wednesday afternoon. Most analysts aren’t expecting the Fed to take any action to change monetary policy but there […]

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April 23 Bond

Durable goods and home sales pressure Treasuries

The day’s economic news wasn’t plentiful but it packed a punch. The better than expected figures on the health of the economy put pressure on Treasuries early in the day and the complex was unable to recover. Headline durable goods orders were in with expectations at a negative 1.3% but it was the ex-auto number […]

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Yield curve flattens in light action

Treasuries were mixed on Tuesday with the long end of the curve spending most of the day in green territory and the short end decisively red. Had the Bank of Canada not begin with it’s dovish talk about consecutive rate hikes into year end, we might have seen a more pronounced bullish bias. The Treasury […]

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Bonds and notes higher on Greek news

News of a “confirmed” contingency plan for Greece seems to have fixed income products on a global basis on the rise. Apparently, it seems as though default risk which was previously seen as minimal is now non-existent. Accordingly, even historically low yields appear attractive to some. Also, there is some chatter of skepticism in the […]

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Buyers Come Back to Equities

After a miraculous recovery from what could have been a doom and gloom scenario for the equity markets in yesterday’s trade, the major indices were able to add to gains ahead of earnings. The bulls are hoping that solid earnings will be the catalyst that the market needs to continue the upward momentum; and bears […]

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April Fool’s Rally?

There were very few traders at work by afternoon trade so we will keep this short and sweet… The first day of the quarter and the first day of the month was a large success for the bulls, but it was also April Fool’s day. Perhaps tomorrows holiday release of the monthly employment report will […]

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ADP shakes Treasuries…a bit

The market is on hold for Friday’s non-farm payrolls numbers despite getting a glimpse of the data with today’s ADP estimates of the government figures. According to ADP, the private sector lost 23,000 jobs last month despite expectations for an increase of 40,000. The news took some of the edge off of the optimism for […]

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Another Grind Higher in Stocks

Stocks made their way moderately higher but appear to have lost (at least some of) its momentum. Analysts have questioned the rally from day one, but the market continues to prove dissenters wrong. David A. Rosen berg, the chief economist at strategist for Gluskin Sheff, believes “The market is as overvalued now as it was […]

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Dead Cat Bounce in Bonds

The Treasury market enjoyed a mild bid throughout the session as the technical environment seemed to put a temporary floor under pricing. Also, month/quarter/week end buying seems to be helping the cause. All in all it was a relatively uneventful news day. The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index was reported to be a little […]

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Snoozing in the Bond Pits

An “OK” 2-year note auction and a lack of surprise in housing data left the Treasury market in familiar territory, near unchanged. The government issued another $44-billion in 2-year notes at a rate of 1% and a bid to cover of 3; indirect bidders accounted for 34.8% of the participation. This auction suggests that demand […]

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