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Range-bound Treasury Futures

The recent Treasury rally was quickly reversed as stocks managed to find support. Once again, bonds and notes are wrestling with the impact of supply and economic turmoil. In recent months, supply has been the dominate story but it is uncertain as to whether that can continue to be the case. We have been noting […]

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Can China continue to buy Treasuries at this pace?

The Treasury market is struggling to find a reason for yields to fall. Not only is the Fed issuing massive amounts of debt but the bulk of the Treasury buying has been China and many are questioning whether this is sustainable. As you have likely heard, the Chinese have dedicated themselves to purchasing U.S. assets […]

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Treasuries Tumble on More Supply

Anticipation and the eventual passing of the stimulus package rekindled supply concerns in the Treasury markets. Despite a shorten pit trading session, the electronic contract eventually fell in excess of 3 handles. While these types of price moves have become commonplace, they used to be rare. Nonetheless, traders and analysts seemed to take it in […]

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Feb 10 Bond

Short Squeeze Triggered with Room to Run

The financial markets expressed their discomfort with the lack of details provided on the restructured TARP plan and the uncertainty over the economic stimulus package. Equities seemed to slide off of the cliff, while Treasuries finally experienced the short covering rally that we have been looking for. Trade was thin, and seemed to get thinner […]

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February 4 S&P

Bank Realities Return to Wall Street

As the financial sector rescue plan remains in limbo, investors are growing increasingly uneasy with equities. Bank of America shares weighed heavily on the Dow pushing the index well below the coveted 8,000 mark and causing it to under perform relative to the other indices. There wasn’t a lot of economic data for the market […]

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Feb 1 T-Bond

Treasuries on the Long End of the Curve

Indecisive equities and even less certainty in Washington aided a short covering bid in Treasuries. The 30-year bond and the 10-year note enjoyed a bulk of the buying while the short end of the yield curve dragged a bit. Many analysts attributed the buying to a flight to quality bid, but in my opinion, it […]

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Carley Garner

CommodityTrader.com is pleased to be introducing two new contributors to this blog and the first is Carley Garner of DeCarley Trading. Senior Market Analyst and Broker, Stocks and Commodities Magazine Columnist and Industry Educator.   Carley Garner is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, from which she earned dual bachelor’s […]

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