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Dollar strengthening

Reassessing Risks with the U.S. Dollar Strengthening

Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the USA holding 290 votes of the Electoral College against 228 earned by former Secretary of State Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. In the popular vote the democratic candidate won by 668,273 votes, but Trump’s success to gain in key swing states took the majority of the […]

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Illustration of Coffea arabica plant and seeds - Coffee perspective

Weekly Coffee Perspective

NON-COMMERCIALS, COMMERCIALS AND INDEXES Risky assets fell in the past five days on a continuation of dollar strength with the markets now betting there is a 90% chance of a December FED lift-off. Japan entering the 5th recession since 2008, oil sliding close to US$ 40.00 a barrel and the belief that the Euro might […]

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Roasted coffee beans

Weekly Coffee Perspective

BLAME THE DOLLAR AGAIN The US non-farm payroll data released on Friday beat all expectations with the creation of 271k posts during the month of October, taking the unemployment rate to 5%. Growth wage, smaller part-time workers and smaller under-unemployment figures have set the stage for the FOMC to increase interest rates on the December […]

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U.S. Coffee futures

Weekly Coffee Perspective

RAINS HELP THE ARABICA BUT NOT THE ROBUSTA BEANS World stocks in October had the best monthly performance since 2011 led by 12.32% gains of the DAX, +9.75 of the Nikkei and the three major US indices that rose between 8% and 9%. Easing policy from the People’s Bank of China and signals from the […]

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Sugar Futures chart for January 16, 2014

Four Soft Commodities – The Forgotten Sector

I track and follow approximately 50 different commodities and I must say that the softs sector where I do a fair bit of trading for clients is ignored too much in my opinion. In this piece I am going to briefly touch on four soft commodities that I track and trade with clients. Below you […]

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Coffee Futures chart

Coffee is out of Favor…But

After two weeks of relentless pressure coffee futures have started to find their footing trading higher three out of the last four sessions. As of this post futures are higher by greater than 2.25%. Let’s see if bulls can hold onto these gains? In just four sessions March has advanced a nickel off the seven […]

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Coffee futures

Coffee – Calm before the Storm

For the better part of three weeks coffee prices have largely been range bound consolidating just above their recent lows. The market is in the process of digesting a massive Brazilian crop and the outlook for a potential record crop again next year. Brazil is the 800 lb. gorilla in the coffee market and should […]

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Coffee Futures (Daily), July 17, 2013

Coffee Perks Up

In the last three days coffee has appreciated nearly 10 cent or 8.5%. Has the sleeping giant awoken? For weeks now I have tried to sway would be commodity speculators/hedgers, investors to position themselves for a coming appreciation. Today futures are challenging their 50 day MA (red line) for the first time since 5/17. It […]

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