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Metals Complex…a Rebound Underway

I follow and have the ability to trade 5 different metals…in no particular order gold, silver, palladium, platinum and copper. For the most part I am most active in gold and silver with clients, use copper to help navigate other trades interpreting the overall breadth of the economy and rarely do clients trade palladium and […]

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Copper, Listen to the Doctor’s Diagnoses

Copper prices have been establishing a base in recent weeks rocketing higher today, as of this post higher by nearly 6% as futures approach three week highs and previous resistance. July futures are 25 cents of their lows from Wednesday which represents ($250*25) or an appreciation of $6,250. Being the margins is only $3,410 that […]

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Copper & the Housing Market

The housing market’s impact on the entire economy can not be understated. As nearly two dozen sub-prime mortgage companies have gone under in the past few months, economists are beginning to worry that the real estate collapse may soon spill over in to other areas. Even Alan Greenspan, the perennial optimist, admitted today that the […]

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