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Weekly Gold Report

Volatility Reigns…. Week High….$1218.80 ……7/13 Week Low…..$1185.80……7/16 This week’s Gold market covered a very volatile $33.00 range as the summer dull-drums expose the lack of confidence from investors globally. This week has found Gold trading in a very technical range as lack of buying momentum has forced the bulls to take profits as the high […]

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Daly Gold Report

Gold Settles $17.00 Higher Today… ($1153.00) Physical demand and technical buying fueled the Gold market today despite a strong U.S Dollar. The continued demand for gold from the jewelers of India has helped support and rally the gold market of late. Considering the expectations of over one million weddings in India over the next seven […]

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Precious Metals Remain Under Pressure

Thus far this week the precious metals have been under heavy pressure globally as the economic data has been very U.S Dollar friendly. All eyes are on the two day European Summit which began today as investors hope to receive a better understanding of the true economic condition and the debt crisis that exists in […]

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Gold vs. Inflation

Trust in Gold We as Americans are experiencing one of the toughest economic periods in our history. We have been told that the recession is over and America is on the road to economic recovery. I certainly hope they’re right. However , there is no quick fix and unfortunately there will many bumps in that […]

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Golden Swings

The volatility in the commodity markets has been tremendous and in my opinion can be traced to several factors. These factors include such items as high energy prices, the ongoing mortgage debacle and ensuing credit crunch, the possibility of future rate cuts, and geo-political tensions, just to name a few. These have all combined in […]

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