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Canadian Dollar, North of the Border

The Canadian dollar has made strides in the last six weeks. After bouncing off support at 0.9650, we’ve now retraced 38.2% of the downtrend that began last September. Prices are north of all major moving averages I use in FX and I see higher trade ahead for the Loonie, especially in light of recent moves […]

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Heads or Tails on the Dollar?

The US dollar is minting 8-month highs after appreciating 5.4% in the last 60 days. Sunday night’s selloff tested the 38.2% Fibonacci level, where prices quickly bounced. June futures are now at 83.50 and will likely close the week above their 20-day MA (dark blue line). 83.50 remains the line in the sand – from […]

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Is the Loonie set to fly?

After starting 2013 with a 5% slide the Canadian dollar has found its footing. It’s up 1.5% in recent weeks and, as I’m writing, we’re trading above the 34-EMA for the first time since early February. Adding further confirmation to my bullish bias, prices have broken above the down sloping trend line that had previously […]

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The Almighty Greenback

The US dollar has benefitted from being the best house in a bad neighborhood in recent months. Since the first week of February the Greenback has appreciated 5%, low to high, lifting prices to fresh six-month highs. But this party is over, in my opinion. At least for now… I’m calling an interim top at […]

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S&P 500 Makes a Much Anticipated Correction

We heard market moving news out of the Euro-zone this weekend. Stringent terms on a potential ECB-Cyprus bailout triggered talk of bank runs. In my opinion such an event is precisely the type of catalyst that could derail the bull market in equities. I’ve been anticipating a correction for some time now…this may be it. […]

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Scaling into bullish Silver trade

I see all these articles on selling silver…well I’m a buyer for clients. Silver futures have declined 10% in the last month and are lower by 16% from their highs in the end of November. I think silver was a sale $32.50-$34.50 and a buy now. My understanding is we try to buy low and […]

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Bearish trade in longer dated contracts

The fluctuation in yields has been similar to watching paint dry in the last 3 weeks. As seen on the chart above of 10-yr notes pricing has been sideways. Remember there is an inverse relationship so when prices go higher yields go lower. My stance is we will trade higher from the current base which […]

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