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Oil Spikes in aftermarket on surprise supply draw down

* DATA HIGHPOINTS FOR THE WEEK: — Japan Tankan Report…US ISM Manufacturing Data… US, Eurozone PMI Data… Reserve Bank Australia, ECB, Bank of England monetary policy meetings, rate announcements… US, Eurozone Employment Data US MARKET HOLIDAY SCHEDULE -EARLY CLOSES WEDNESDAY JULY 3RD…US MARKETS CLOSED THURSDAY JULY 4TH Data in italics-high potential to influence markets *Tuesday-4:30 […]

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Richard Roscelli Great Pacific Trading Company-Futures Market Outlook-June 14th, 2013

  GREAT PACIFIC TRADING LAS VEGAS -ECONOMIC CALENDAR &       MARKET OUTLOOK- June 13th-14th, 2013 You can reach me at rroscelli@gptc.com for questions, comments, and information about opening an account with Great Pacific Trading Las Vegas. Follow me on Twitter @richardroscelli **The information and opinions contained herein comes from sources believed to be reliable, but are […]

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Lean Hogs, The Other White Meat

Lean hog futures (August contract) are up 5.4% after putting in a bottom at 88.70 on May 17. We’re now trading at 3 ½ month highs… putting this market into overbought levels. As of this post it appears buyers are showing signs of fatigue as we have a potential triple top at the recent highs […]

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Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Chocolate lovers have an eye on cocoa prices. The debate rages on… will Baby Ruth bars get offered up at a discount? Or will M&Ms soon be considered a luxury item? Ok ok… I tease. But futures traders should have their eye on this oft-overlooked softs market. Cocoa’s been trending lower for the last seven […]

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Bearish trade in longer dated contracts

The fluctuation in yields has been similar to watching paint dry in the last 3 weeks. As seen on the chart above of 10-yr notes pricing has been sideways. Remember there is an inverse relationship so when prices go higher yields go lower. My stance is we will trade higher from the current base which […]

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Suggest backing ratio spreads

Energy: Crude oil closed higher by nearly 1% finishing just under its 50 day MA. We finished the week near the upper end of the recent trading range so I do not expect much more…maybe a grind to $90.50-$91/barrel in January. I’m only long futures if they are hedged with options for clients. Heating oil […]

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