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S&P 500 Futures - Dec 15

Option Queen Letter

We’re back! We apologize to our readers for the great deal of time that has passed since putting out our last letter but are happy to say that we are back in action. If you look at the daily chart of the S&P 500 futures continuation, you will see a large “W” formation. We closed […]

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Gold Futures chart

For the Ladies – Gold and Cotton

The women I know love clothes and gold and I think both at least at the wholesale level will be going on sale in the very near future. Cotton prices have been dancing the up-sloping trend line for the past 6 months as seen on the chart below. Current prices have July futures higher by […]

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Gold futures

Gold – A Pause Before a Dive Lower

Gold is currently $225 off it lows established in late June, mounting a very impressive rally in the last two months. The gold bugs are back in the media as a bull market may be re-emerging. My stance is prices appreciated too fast and too much. Does this mean I am a bear…NO…it just means […]

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Gold Futures chart for August 20, 2013

Gold – Yellow Metal Running into Resistance

In the last two weeks gold has put on better than $100/ounce trading to its highest level since mid-June. Upside was capped at its 100 day MA (red line) and trend line (blue line) that has been present for all of 13’. More impressive has been the move since bottoming on 6/28 at $1183 as […]

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Gold futures chart

Gold – A Final Push or Just the Beginning?

Since bottoming on 6/28 at $1179.40 August gold futures have advanced 12.5% approximately $150/ounce. As of this post a decisive move through $1300 higher by 2.88% today. One can see on the chart below the horizontal line just below $1300 that had served as resistance now shall serve as support. In three short weeks future […]

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Metals Complex…a Rebound Underway

I follow and have the ability to trade 5 different metals…in no particular order gold, silver, palladium, platinum and copper. For the most part I am most active in gold and silver with clients, use copper to help navigate other trades interpreting the overall breadth of the economy and rarely do clients trade palladium and […]

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Bearish Engulfing Candle in Gold

Energy: All yesterday’s gains were given back in Crude oil today with losses of 1.75% putting prices under $92/barrel. The 50 day MA has capped upside the last two sessions and until July gets above $94 expect sideways to down action. Above $94 I am a lot friendlier. I continue to trade my bias on […]

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Gold takes an Additional 10% Drop

Gold spent the last 2.5 years in an undeniably obvious uptrend, supported by the white trend line shown below. This of course changed quickly this year as gold prices broke below the trend line… then the 100-day moving average (red)… then the horizontal support at $1,550 (red line). Gold sentiment has changed dramatically… more on […]

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Golden Volatility / Opportunity

The recent trade in the Gold market has proved the resiliency of Gold traders. In the past eight months we have traded a $300.00+ range and $20.00 + daily ranges are now common place. There have been many reasons for this trend the Government bail-outs, huge unemployment numbers (9% unemployed) housing foreclosures, and Historic Financial […]

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