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Gold crystals

Fractional Reserve Gold Bullion

Q: A roughly 20-year bear market in gold bullion and gold mining shares ended approximately with 9/11. What role, if any, did 9/11 play in this major market turn? A: First of all, my view is that markets are made by human reaction to events. The reaction is a subjective judgement. Objective events do not […]

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Bull/Bear Debate – Stagflation

Recent bull/bear debates following the 50 basis point cut in rates have stirred even further debates on inflation readings and the chances of a recession. Although the dialogue has been split between those who believe the cut will fend off a recession and those that believe inflation will spike as a result, we would like […]

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Patience is Golden

The Gold market has been extremely CHOPPY and thin lately. It appears the Gold community is very tentative and un-willing to trust the Geo-political and economic climate at the present time. It certainly is understandable considering the strength and record levels of the Stock Market. I believe the Gold is trading in a direct relationship […]

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