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Nikkei First …S&P Second?

Let me be clear Japan and the US are two distinctly different economies but can we draw anything from the 18% assault on the Nikkei in the last two weeks? Will trade south in Stock indexes in the East and across the pond tell investors anything about a correction domestically to come? We are comparing […]

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Is the Nikkei Foreshadowing a Move in US Markets?

The Nikkei has moved in one direction the last six months but like any party they all come to a conclusion. This to me is a classic case why investors cannot fall asleep at the wheel and after significant gains it generally always makes sense to book profits and manage your expectations as markets do […]

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Japanese Yen Contrarian Play

The Yen’s 8-month clobbering is no secret. It’s down over 20%! But what’s interesting now, in my eyes, is how the Yen seems unable to trade below parity with the dollar. Recent data out of Japan shows inflation expectations are on the rise, so why not see a bounce in Japan’s currency after such a […]

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Think of S&P 500 as an Insurance Premium

Have you paid your portfolio insurance premiums this month? “Say what!?” you say. Well, you likely pay health insurance premiums… and for home owner’s insurance… and for car insurance. Yet many investors forget to insure their investment portfolio which, for many, is their largest asset. I’ve never understood this. I don’t know how to make […]

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