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Corn/Soybean Ratio Spread

Relative (ratio spread) trades can work if one commodity moves in the proper direction big and the other does not move at all, both underlying commodities move in the correct direction small but consider this two separate trades and the misconception that spread trades are less risky than an outright is flawed in my eyes. […]

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Ags on the Move, Breaching Trend Lines

Having been a proponent of bullish grain plays for several weeks now, I’m happy to see new crop wheat and corn on the verge of breaking above significant down trend lines. These have acted as resistance for two quarters, so a break above should produce a meaningful move higher. Wheat prices appear to be forming […]

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Corn Crops; When are Delays a good thing?

New crop corn is slow to get in the ground this year. That could mean higher prices, in my eyes. US corn planting is only at 4% according to this week’s crop progress report. This came in at the low end of expectations of 4-6%. It gets worse – the average planting progress from this […]

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Corn futures, Stock up on your Arepas

Living in Miami it’s sometimes hard to avoid the sweet smell of roasted corn. We have the Latin American community to thank for Arepas – a delicious snack made of melted cheese sandwiched between two corn patties, all sizzled to perfection on a street-side griddle. Of course, Miami’s Arepa purveyors don’t worry much about corn […]

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