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Perception vs. Reality

The latest advance in stocks and commodities with the fall in treasuries and the US Dollar, could in fact be a precursor of what is to come but the pace of the advances and declines is flawed. These spectacular moves in such a short time are irrational and almost always not true. Stocks are moving […]

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Being Objective as a Commodity Investor

For the last year and half we have gotten bad news about the economy and we are now starting to see more favorable news trickle in, the key is to be objective and to look at everything. It seems that all the markets are interconnected as the metals trade with the currencies, energies with equities […]

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Supply & Demand in Commodities

It is viewed by many that a modest increase in commodity prices is a sign that demand is coming back to the market. We need to point out demand is only one side of the equation, the other being supply. We do agree that once prices stabilize we could see further upside, as the global […]

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