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Weekly Precious Metal Report

This week in the precious metals has seen a vast range in both the Gold and Silver markets due to the recent data that has produced mammoth swings regarding the U.S Dollar internationally. This week we have seen: April Gold trade a high of $1026.40 on 2/3 and as low as $1059.00 on 2/4 (GLOBEX) […]

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Golden Roller-Coaster

The precious metals have experienced a roller-coaster ride encompassing huge volatile swings and technical breakouts. The volatility has remained high however, the volume is decreasing as many Gold bugs have packed it in for the year. The economic news for the week has favored the U.S Dollar and boosting it to three month high’s. Despite […]

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The Golden Rule

With the Stock Market sliding below 7000 for the first time since October, 28th 1997 all Economic indicators suggest their will be more potholes before the road to recovery begins. The Presidents “stimulus plan” appears to have the support of many “Main Street” citizens and that has been reflected in his approval ratings. However, Mr. […]

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Inside Gold

The volatility in the economic sector has crossed all barriers from Wall Street to Main Street. The Stock Market has experienced triple figure moves on a regular basis causing sheer panic with investors.The price of Crude Oil has dropped from the $150.00 per barrel level down below $67.00 per barrel. Gold has not gone unscathed […]

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Mike Daily Joins Super Futures

SuperFutures is proud to announce the arrival of Mike Daly to lead our Marketing and Gold trading divisions. Mike is a former Goldman Sachs and J.Aron Gold Broker and a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Gold Committee. In addition Mike has been a member and active broker and Trader of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange,Chicago […]

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Gold Standard

With turbulence striking the global markets investors are scrambling to find safer arena’s to invest their monies. The credit crisis both home and abroad is claiming both long time Financial Institutions as well as the average home owner. Many Investors felt that the recent $40.00+ drop in Crude Oil was the “Light at the end […]

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Gold Blasts Off !

The Gold market has truly taken off in the past month. It has traded from $652.00 on August 17th up to $726.50 on September 14th. The Gold has rebounded and has been aided by higher energy prices and a weaker U.S. Dollar. Even with the ongoing Mortgage and Credit Industry debacle that caused many investors […]

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Gold Bounces Back….

The Gold futures market has taken advantage of the weakness of the U.S. Dollar this past week. Nearby Gold futures have has rallied over $30.00 per ounce since June 26th. In my opinion, there are several reasons for this: FOMC Chairman Ben Bernanke’s acknowledgement of a very weak housing market sector, the threat of inflation, […]

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Gold Rebounds….

The Gold market has shown its ability to rebound and bounce back from adversity. Since June 27th the Gold market has rallied from $642.70 to its present level $664.00 (July 11th) virtually unnoticed. In my opinion the market was over-bought at the $700.00 level and created a profit take and stop/loss selling frenzy that caused […]

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Patience is Golden

The Gold market has been extremely CHOPPY and thin lately. It appears the Gold community is very tentative and un-willing to trust the Geo-political and economic climate at the present time. It certainly is understandable considering the strength and record levels of the Stock Market. I believe the Gold is trading in a direct relationship […]

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