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History of U.S. Taxpayer Revolt

Taxpayer revolts have historically been a problem for many countries. The USA’s history of a taxpayer revolt much began with the Colonist revolt against the “Tea Tax” or the “Stamp Tax” as it was called, resulting in the colonists flooding theBoston Harbor with tea. The “Stamp Act” was passed on March 22, 1765. Have we […]

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Quadruple Witch Week

It is no wonder that the banks are making money these days. They have a 6 or more point spread between where they are borrowing and where they are lending. If we look at the credit card spread; it balloons out to an average of 12 basis points. Not a bad return. As to the […]

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The Obama Indicator

The gloomy news from Washington continues snuffing out every rally that is attempted. Every time an elected official speaks the market retreats. We now have “The Obama Indicator” which continues to signal oratorical excellence paired with market depression. As our silver tongued leader speaks the market retreats. So what is a few trillion here or […]

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The Imploding Economy

We never thought we would enjoy CSPAN, but in this past week’s CompliancEX, the February 6th edition, there was a film clip of Representative Gary Ackerman from Bayside N.Y. taking his shots at the SEC. If we could vote for this guy, we would. He minces no word and just attacked the officials of the […]

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Option Queen Letter

For all those anxious to see the end of the Bush bashing years, you will have to wait several more months. The economy isn’t getting any better, however; we are getting used to the fact that we can live without spending. We shoppers have become or evolved into price seekers and not price takers. We […]

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Human Behavior on Speed

The Madoff scandal and the housing bubble have something in common…..greed. Both scandals were obvious and both scandals were ignored. As a matter of fact, the dot.nothing bubble was based on much of the same greed and piranha feeding. That bubble burst sending interest rates to the floor which inspired the housing bubble which burst […]

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Quadruple Options Expiration Week

It comes as no surprise that the marketeer, those who are left standing, remain in a manic state. We must first explain that by manic we mean either too gloomy or too happy, but never normal….that wouldn’t be fun now would it? Thus we flip from one side to the other much like a ping […]

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Manic Markets

What can we say, the market it totally neurotic! What we are seeing is fear and insecurity. Further, we will feel and hear the humming of the monetary printing presses opening the flood of money into the market. We are not the sole printers of money; it seems to be a global affair. So, if […]

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Growling Bears

Thankfully, people, gurus and financial journalists have stopped talking about finding a bottom in the market. This is the first sign of a possible bear market rally in our future. We do expect to see further gloomy news from the retailers regarding Christmas sales, and further gloomy news on the housing front. Good news is […]

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Options Expiration Week

Don’t blink, don’t sneeze, certainly don’t yawn or, you will miss the next turn of the market. The behavior of this market has been nothing short of incredible as it swings between complete elation, for a short while, and then moves total despair, all within a two hour time-frame. We are up one minute, down […]

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