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US SPX 500 Futures - Option Queen Letter

The Option Queen Letter

  Okay so how many of you knew that once the S&P 500 approached 1800 that it would take it out? We would be willing to guess that the majority of our readers were of that belief. Any market watcher, worth listening to, would have come to that conclusion. Now that the mission is completed, […]

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US Dollar Index Daily chart, July 14, 2013 for the Option Queen Letter

Option Queen Letter

The US Dollar Index has been out of control, spending its weekly pay check at Bloomingdales, the jewelers and auctions in a fit of absolute manic elation, and on the other hand, and locking itself in a dark room full of despair, confined to an unproductive self-loathing stupor. You guessed it; the US Dollar Index […]

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