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Think of S&P 500 as an Insurance Premium

Have you paid your portfolio insurance premiums this month? “Say what!?” you say. Well, you likely pay health insurance premiums… and for home owner’s insurance… and for car insurance. Yet many investors forget to insure their investment portfolio which, for many, is their largest asset. I’ve never understood this. I don’t know how to make […]

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S&P 500 Makes a Much Anticipated Correction

We heard market moving news out of the Euro-zone this weekend. Stringent terms on a potential ECB-Cyprus bailout triggered talk of bank runs. In my opinion such an event is precisely the type of catalyst that could derail the bull market in equities. I’ve been anticipating a correction for some time now…this may be it. […]

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First Day Decade – Stat of the Day

As a blogger, I read a lot of blogs. One of the better blogs I read is www.crossingwallstreet.com, written by Eddie Elfenbein. He is a self proclaimed lover of the stock market because it is one of the greatest inventions of all time. In either case, every other week or so he posts a “stat […]

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Record High Malaise

Unless you have been hiding in a Kush mountain range cave like Osama Bin Laden (if he’s still even around), then you have been hearing about U.S. and global equity markets reaching new record highs. If I’m not mistaken, I heard on CNBC this morning that the DJIA has hit a record high some 40+ […]

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S&P 500 Option Open Interest Analysis

Here we are in another option expiration week. The major markets have broke through their respective old highs and are trading at or near record levels (except for the NASDAQ which has another 45% to reach its record highs, but is still trading at a six year high). Traders are trading with the bullish disposition […]

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Estimated New Home Sales

Gasping for Air Up There

The S&P 500 has run 170 points (13.8%) essentially unabated since July’s low of 1230. It’s as if the market earns brownie points each day for setting new multi-year highs, just as an alpha male earns brownie points for flattering remarks toward his girlfriend. The problem here is that the air up here is getting […]

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