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The Golden Dilemma

We certainly are trading in interesting times.Despite continued economic woes and increased unemployment the U.S. is continued to be supported. Much of the U.S Dollar strength is due to the avalanche – like sell-off in the Energy sector. Reports out of South Africa report Gold production was down 18% based on third quarter numbers.(Supply & […]

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Inside Gold

The volatility in the economic sector has crossed all barriers from Wall Street to Main Street. The Stock Market has experienced triple figure moves on a regular basis causing sheer panic with investors.The price of Crude Oil has dropped from the $150.00 per barrel level down below $67.00 per barrel. Gold has not gone unscathed […]

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Mike Daily Joins Super Futures

SuperFutures is proud to announce the arrival of Mike Daly to lead our Marketing and Gold trading divisions. Mike is a former Goldman Sachs and J.Aron Gold Broker and a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Gold Committee. In addition Mike has been a member and active broker and Trader of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange,Chicago […]

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