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Crude oil futures, August 2, 2013

Bullish engulfing candle in 10-yr notes

Energy: Today‚Äôs chart of the day was on Crude oil…give it a read. If we see follow through into next week it will confirm for the second time that $108 is stiff resistance. I am operating under the influence that is how we play out and this could drag futures under $100/barrel. As of this […]

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Feb. 25 S&P

Choppy Trade as Shorts Cover on Dips

Ben Bernanke seemed to have revived the financial markets, at least temporarily, for the second consecutive day. At one point the S&P was trading nearly 20 points into negative territory; however, details provided for “stress tests” and the granting of immediate access to further government support from the $700 billion bailout fund managed to turn […]

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