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Soybean oil futures chart for January 9, 2013

Picking a Bottom in Ags – Soybean oil

The story for months has been slack demand for Agriculture and increasing global production. Hence wheat currently trading under three year lows and corn trading under 2 year lows. Soybean oil has not escaped the black cloud that has been hanging over this sector either as seen on chart below clearly there has been a […]

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Coffee Futures, July 23, 2013

Coffee –A cup of Joe for your Portfolio

Drinking too much coffee can surely cause an upset stomach and having too large of a position and being on the wrong side of the market of late likely could end in the same result. In recent sessions it’s been like the Wild West with a range H/L of over 12 cents in 2 sessions […]

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Corn futures, Stock up on your Arepas

Living in Miami it’s sometimes hard to avoid the sweet smell of roasted corn. We have the Latin American community to thank for Arepas – a delicious snack made of melted cheese sandwiched between two corn patties, all sizzled to perfection on a street-side griddle. Of course, Miami’s Arepa purveyors don’t worry much about corn […]

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2010 Growing Season: Stay or Delay?

The highly anticipated annual planting intentions report is about to be released, and with it, pivotal information regarding some of the hottest commodities traded on the market today. How are the markets going to move as a result of the farmers’ crop trends? How is the current, and more importantly, future U.S. meteorological patterns going […]

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