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30 Year U.S. Treasury Bond chart for April 17, 2014 - Safe haven

Flight out of Safe Haven

Clearly the trend has been higher in the last four months as June 30-yr bonds futures have climbed 8 handles. This weeks consolidation just below the 135’00 level could signal an interim top. A future trader could institute shorts with stops above the recent highs. Another option would be a bearish option play with an […]

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30 Year US Treasury Bond Futures

Treasury Complex on its Heels

US Treasury futures are lower for the third day running amid fresh signs of economic expansion, putting the yield of the benchmark 10-yr Notes on the cusp of rising above 3% for the first time in 2 years. According to ADP today the US added 176,000 jobs in August. A key gauge of the US […]

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Bear Market Rally

Yesterday’s Stock market rally arrived right on schedule. Actually it was the most anticipated “bear market rally” in the history of the stock market. This of course leads one to be suspect on whether this rally has any staying power. the main thing to watch is the volume. As it begins to decline so will […]

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