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Japanese Yen Futures

Japanese Yen – From par to $1.0350…

For the last two weeks the Yen has been range bound dancing on both sides of par (1.0000). Futures as of this post are consolidating around all the major MAs I use in my FX trading as seen on the daily chart below. My interpretation is we are taking a breath before jumping higher in […]

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Return of the Yen Carry Trade

The revival of the Yen Carry Trade is yet again the talk of the town. With Yen hovering around 100 per USD, pretty much the same as of pre 2008 market crash, the discussion about Yen carry trade is catching up fast. The immediate triggers for this heightened interest in the Yen carry trade are […]

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Japanese Yen Contrarian Play

The Yen’s 8-month clobbering is no secret. It’s down over 20%! But what’s interesting now, in my eyes, is how the Yen seems unable to trade below parity with the dollar. Recent data out of Japan shows inflation expectations are on the rise, so why not see a bounce in Japan’s currency after such a […]

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