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World Silver Deficits –12 Years Running

According to the recently released Silver Institute 2015 Interim Report, the world experienced annual silver net deficits for 12 years running. This is surprising as the Silver Institute actually reported a small net surplus of silver in 2014. However, the small silver surplus turned into a deficit when 2014 mine supply and total demand figures […]

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A pure (>99.95%) silver crystal, synthetic electrolytic made with visible dendritic structures. Weight ≈11g. - No gold here

Is Gold a Commodity or Money?

Q: Could you please comment on the question of whether gold is money or a commodity. Many analysts say that money is whatever society has agreed to use as a medium of exchange, and gold no longer performs that function. Furthermore, if gold were money, it could not significantly increase in value as that would […]

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Silver Futures, August 12, 2013

Hi-Ho Silver – A Breakout?

Silver is higher by nearly 5% today trading to its highest levels since 6/19. Since 6/28 when September futures traded as low as $18.17 (33 month low) prices are higher by 17.4%. Two significant developments in the last two trading sessions…a settlement above the 50 day MA (light blue line) which had not occurred since […]

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Silver, $26 is the Line in the Sand

The $26 level has acted as silver’s support for over two years now. And after a 10% slide over the past three weeks, including today’s 6% drop, we’re once again challenging this all-important line in the sand. Will $26 hold this time? Maybe not… yet I remain a long-term silver bull and see lower prices […]

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3-6-13 SI.jpg

Scaling into bullish Silver trade

I see all these articles on selling silver…well I’m a buyer for clients. Silver futures have declined 10% in the last month and are lower by 16% from their highs in the end of November. I think silver was a sale $32.50-$34.50 and a buy now. My understanding is we try to buy low and […]

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