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Trade Commodities

4 Basic Ways to Trade Commodities

Commodities are becoming increasingly popular investment vehicles as investors are gradually realizing how pervasive and potentially profitable commodity trading can be. Commodities like oil, natural gas, gold, wheat, corn and copper are a part of our everyday lives after all and their prices naturally impact us in various ways. So the more predictable the price […]

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best trading strategies

The best trading strategies for trading commodities

Commodities trading requires strong analysis of a number of factors. Traders need to take political, economic, and trade news into account before making decisions. But one person cannot keep up with everything happening at one time. We need smart strategies when it comes to trading commodities in your limited time. These are the best trading […]

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Building A Career As A Commodity Broker

Building A Career As A Commodity Broker

As commodity traders, we spend our time worrying about markets and the directions they’re heading. Obviously, to trade we need to have an account with a commodity broker, but we rarely have time to give a thought to the people who sit on the other side of the trading desk. Did you ever wonder what […]

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Oil Spikes in aftermarket on surprise supply draw down

* DATA HIGHPOINTS FOR THE WEEK: — Japan Tankan Report…US ISM Manufacturing Data… US, Eurozone PMI Data… Reserve Bank Australia, ECB, Bank of England monetary policy meetings, rate announcements… US, Eurozone Employment Data US MARKET HOLIDAY SCHEDULE -EARLY CLOSES WEDNESDAY JULY 3RD…US MARKETS CLOSED THURSDAY JULY 4TH Data in italics-high potential to influence markets *Tuesday-4:30 […]

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Richard Roscelli Great Pacific Trading Company-Futures Market Outlook-June 14th, 2013

  GREAT PACIFIC TRADING LAS VEGAS -ECONOMIC CALENDAR &       MARKET OUTLOOK- June 13th-14th, 2013 You can reach me at rroscelli@gptc.com for questions, comments, and information about opening an account with Great Pacific Trading Las Vegas. Follow me on Twitter @richardroscelli **The information and opinions contained herein comes from sources believed to be reliable, but are […]

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Don’t Fight the Fed

The Fed’s surprise move yesterday has changed the financial landscape. Their is an old saying on Wall Street which says don’t fight the Fed. Clearly that was the case yesterday. While the Fed is doing everything in it’s power to ensure the economy does not implode the immediate reaction is the US dollar selling off […]

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Gold and Silver prices

Silver Predicted to Outperform Gold

March 18, 2009 – New York , NY – The Hennessee Group LLC, an adviser to hedge fund investors, believes silver is currently underpriced relative to gold and is therefore advising clients to accumulate positions in the precious metal. Charles Gradante, Co-Founder of the Hennessee Group, stated “While we see both gold and silver as […]

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March 11 S&P

Shorts Cover on Dips

Stock index futures started the day yesterday on the right foot and ended in the same manner. After Tuesday’s monster rally, many bears were looking for a repeat of the one-day rally phenomenon. However, aside from a few temporary dips to 712 the March S&P traded in the green the entire session. It was pretty […]

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Bear Market Rally

Yesterday’s Stock market rally arrived right on schedule. Actually it was the most anticipated “bear market rally” in the history of the stock market. This of course leads one to be suspect on whether this rally has any staying power. the main thing to watch is the volume. As it begins to decline so will […]

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Capital Preservation vs. Capital Appreciation

There is a significant difference between preservation and appreciation. In this environment traders/investors must be at the top of their game as unpredictability is widespread and the magnitude of movement in all asset classes is voracious. We want to expand upon one of our posts from last week titled, “nerves of steel“, you must have […]

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